Reasons Why Couple Choose Tent Wedding Reception Rather Than Indoor Reception

Brides and grooms always fantasize about having a tent wedding event at home, but the expensive cost and its complicated planning normally make them balk at the thought. With this in mind, there are a lot of reception venues offering to have the wedding tents to be directly set up within their grounds.

A tent wedding is more appealing to couples since their guests will not be confined to just one room during the entire reception. The guests can freely wander in and out of the wedding party; maybe smoke some cigar while chatting with friends, all the while still enjoying the dancing and the music.

Indoor reception halls normally come in with a set décor, a tent is like a blank canvass making it easier for the bride and groom to incorporate their ideas into the wedding theme and personal style.

If you will be choosing an indoor wedding reception, you will always have space constraints, since your guests are confined to just a minimum space. Another issue is the logistical constraints due to limited spaces to work with.

Outdoor wedding reception venue can be perfect on a clear, starry night which is incomparable and will make your wedding memorable. There might be an extra stress over a weather report that might make the outdoor reception imperfect; still, it will be worth your while.

Doing the reception outdoors may ease up your decor budget since the beauty of the gardens and the landscape can really create a magical atmosphere to make your wedding reception a success.

Although opting to have a tent wedding reception is definitely an additional cost, it will be to your guest delight to be able to take a stroll around, with your grandma catching up news with a college friend, maybe walk to the boathouse, or go visit your mom’s greenhouse. This adds up to the guests’ enjoyment and entertainment that need a break from all the partying.

There are several benefits in choosing a tent wedding reception. First, it can cater to your guest list. No matter how big your guest list is, tents can accommodate them. You have the benefit of choosing your wedding décor in accordance with your style and creative touches. Your guests will appreciate a wedding design that was never seen in their previous attended wedding parties.

You have the luxury to choose the date, which means that you the time to fit in the budget for the event. You can choose the location of your wedding reception that can easily be accessible to your guests.

Premier Event Tent Rentals is the company to contact if you are planning on a tent wedding. The company has the widest inventory of tents that will fit your need for an outdoor wedding reception, along temporary flooring solutions, heating, lighting, fabric décor, and other necessities to make your event memorable and less stressful.

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