Things to Consider when Planning or a Tent Wedding

When one is planning for a tent wedding, there are many aspects to consider, like budget and location which can play a huge role in deciding whether only one tent or multiple tents will be the right choice. One key factor in planning an outdoor event is the location.

There are many locations to choose from like gardens, beaches, wineries/vineyards, resorts, or backyards. Any of these locations offers beautiful views and unique locations, making a beautiful and exotic background for a tent wedding.

Basically, an outdoor tent event is a very expensive undertaking. Beside tent rentals, there are other requirements like tables/chairs, lighting, heating, dance floor, linens/napkins, chinaware, flatware, glassware and others. Consideration should be whether a large wedding or a smaller, intimate one is preferred.  The budget should be considered depending on the number of the guest list.

Choosing the tent size depends on whether the wedding event will be a ceremony or a reception and what type of tent should be hired. To ensure that the guests are covered from the inclement weather, whether it might rain, or it might get chilly, the right type should be rented. In a wedding reception, consider the requirement for a dance floor, cake table, buffet tables, head tables, etc to ensure that all of these will fit in the tent interior.

When choosing the décor and theme for the tent wedding, one should give consideration that each tent has a specific shape, size, and internal structure. The tents have framework and center poles that may be an eyesore, although these can be covered with fabric tent liners and pole skirts that can enhance an already stunning tent. The possibility of decorating a tent is limitless once the tent is set up.

To keep guest comfortable, additional lighting, heating, air conditioning and a power source is the next consideration after having decided on the tent size and style, budget and location. Add perimeter lighting to ensure that the structure is constantly lighted using globe tent lightning or mini perimeter lights.

Heating is an additional consideration during spring, winter or fall, especially if the event will be running late, wherein using large propane heater can be installed outside of the tent. The power source can be provided by a rented generator.

Choosing a tent wedding event can create a relaxed and spacious atmosphere for dining, entertaining and dancing. One has the option to customize and design the tent and accessories to compliment the unique and personal theme to ensure that the event is remembered long after it had ended.

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