Things to Consider when Planning or a Tent Wedding

When one is planning for a tent wedding, there are many aspects to consider, like budget and location which can play a huge role in deciding whether only one tent or multiple tents will be the right choice. One key factor in planning an outdoor event is the location.

There are many locations to choose from like gardens, beaches, wineries/vineyards, resorts, or backyards. Any of these locations offers beautiful views and unique locations, making a beautiful and exotic background for a tent wedding.

Basically, an outdoor tent event is a very expensive undertaking. Beside tent rentals, there are other requirements like tables/chairs, lighting, heating, dance floor, linens/napkins, chinaware, flatware, glassware and others. Consideration should be whether a large wedding or a smaller, intimate one is preferred.  The budget should be considered depending on the number of the guest list.

Choosing the tent size depends on whether the wedding event will be a ceremony or a reception and what type of tent should be hired. To ensure that the guests are covered from the inclement weather, whether it might rain, or it might get chilly, the right type should be rented. In a wedding reception, consider the requirement for a dance floor, cake table, buffet tables, head tables, etc to ensure that all of these will fit in the tent interior.

When choosing the décor and theme for the tent wedding, one should give consideration that each tent has a specific shape, size, and internal structure. The tents have framework and center poles that may be an eyesore, although these can be covered with fabric tent liners and pole skirts that can enhance an already stunning tent. The possibility of decorating a tent is limitless once the tent is set up.

To keep guest comfortable, additional lighting, heating, air conditioning and a power source is the next consideration after having decided on the tent size and style, budget and location. Add perimeter lighting to ensure that the structure is constantly lighted using globe tent lightning or mini perimeter lights.

Heating is an additional consideration during spring, winter or fall, especially if the event will be running late, wherein using large propane heater can be installed outside of the tent. The power source can be provided by a rented generator.

Choosing a tent wedding event can create a relaxed and spacious atmosphere for dining, entertaining and dancing. One has the option to customize and design the tent and accessories to compliment the unique and personal theme to ensure that the event is remembered long after it had ended.

Expert Service for Tent Rental Through Premier Event Tent Rentals

There are a lot of occasions that need tents to make the celebration memorable and elegant at the same time. This is the time when people go the website for help.

Sometimes, the venue does not seem to be able to accommodate the number of guests. What is usually done is to make a CAD rendition of the possible setup before the actual building of the tent to conceptualize the entire appearance for the approval of the client. By doing so, it would make it possible to make sudden changes to the arrangements depending on the choice of the client.

The professional staffs can provide an effective solution when faced by limitations in the actual venue by visiting the site and with thorough consultations with the client for proper planning.  This would, in turn, provide an easy implementation of the preparations making sure that every detail is taken into consideration.

They would provide protection from the elements and at the same time ensure that the natural beauty of the venue is highlighted like for example if there is a beautiful lakeside view while the occasion is held in the morning. This is to offer a perfect backdrop to the momentous event taking place. Not only is the venue being done in an elegant way but it is also functional in the sense that it provides convenience to the guests throughout the occasion.

Every event is unique in its own way that is why there is a need to find a solution that is custom tailored by working hand in hand with the client to make it possible maximize the tenting and flooring according to their requests.

The primary aim is to provide customer satisfaction in the service that is rendered with the expertise and the passion of the people behind the high quality work. The structures created will provide safeguard against all weather conditions because it is stable.  There are several types of tents that can be used for different occasions and locations.

Other needs in the events are also taken cared of like the lights. This is not just made to provide adequate lighting if properly done it will provide a different ambiance that is important for the event to be memorable. Fabric décor is also used to enhance the surrounding which is usually in accordance with a certain theme or color. Heating and/or air conditioning is also provided for everyone to have a pleasant experience during the event.

Reasons Why Couple Choose Tent Wedding Reception Rather Than Indoor Reception

Brides and grooms always fantasize about having a tent wedding event at home, but the expensive cost and its complicated planning normally make them balk at the thought. With this in mind, there are a lot of reception venues offering to have the wedding tents to be directly set up within their grounds.

A tent wedding is more appealing to couples since their guests will not be confined to just one room during the entire reception. The guests can freely wander in and out of the wedding party; maybe smoke some cigar while chatting with friends, all the while still enjoying the dancing and the music.

Indoor reception halls normally come in with a set décor, a tent is like a blank canvass making it easier for the bride and groom to incorporate their ideas into the wedding theme and personal style.

If you will be choosing an indoor wedding reception, you will always have space constraints, since your guests are confined to just a minimum space. Another issue is the logistical constraints due to limited spaces to work with.

Outdoor wedding reception venue can be perfect on a clear, starry night which is incomparable and will make your wedding memorable. There might be an extra stress over a weather report that might make the outdoor reception imperfect; still, it will be worth your while.

Doing the reception outdoors may ease up your decor budget since the beauty of the gardens and the landscape can really create a magical atmosphere to make your wedding reception a success.

Although opting to have a tent wedding reception is definitely an additional cost, it will be to your guest delight to be able to take a stroll around, with your grandma catching up news with a college friend, maybe walk to the boathouse, or go visit your mom’s greenhouse. This adds up to the guests’ enjoyment and entertainment that need a break from all the partying.

There are several benefits in choosing a tent wedding reception. First, it can cater to your guest list. No matter how big your guest list is, tents can accommodate them. You have the benefit of choosing your wedding décor in accordance with your style and creative touches. Your guests will appreciate a wedding design that was never seen in their previous attended wedding parties.

You have the luxury to choose the date, which means that you the time to fit in the budget for the event. You can choose the location of your wedding reception that can easily be accessible to your guests.

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